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Meal Preparation-Cooking: Our Services


Let us do the cooking for you

Customized, nutritious meals prepared and cooked in your home, that can be eaten when you need them. Your caregiver will prepare meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner based on your culinary favorites. As part of our cooking and meal preparation services, your caregiver is also able to handle all of your grocery shopping as well.

Your nutrition, health and dietary restrictions are as important to us as your meal satisfaction. We can accommodate Low Sodium, Diabetic, Gluten Free and other specific diets. Your caregiver will prepare meals specifically for your dietary needs, while still tasting delicious. In addition to cooking, Thistlecreek's caregivers will clean the kitchen, check the fridge for expired foods and make sure the home is free of hazards.

*This service requires a minimum of 3 hrs.

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