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Peace-of-mind you need while you take time off and regenerate

Providing in-home care to a parent or someone you care about can be extremely stressful, demanding, challenging and time-consuming. Balancing your own personal life with your responsibilities as the primary caregiver can be exhausting. We understand that while you may want to be there for your loved one, sometimes providing care can simply be too difficult for one person to manage on their own.

As the family caregiver, you must stay healthy, physically and emotionally. If you are tired, stressed or physically ill you may find it difficult to care for your loved one. Our skilled caregivers can offer you the peace-of-mind you need while you take some time off and regenerate. ​This break can be for a few hours, few days or even a week or longer. We offer services for as little as 1 hour so that you can run out and do an errand, go shopping, go to a hair appointment, go to the gym, have coffee with a friend or just simply go for a walk to get some fresh air. With just a few hours of respite, you can have time for yourself and feel refreshed. Perhaps you need to go out of town for business or would like to go on vacation, then our caregivers would step in and care for your loved one while you are away.

Respite Care: Service
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